Food Blogger Spends Week Eating Only Free Samples

Could you survive a week in this city, eating only food given to you for free? I'd assume you could, but it wouldn't be an ideal dining situation.  One food blogger is doing just that, and has made it to Day Four, even managing to sneak in a gourmet lunch! So how'd she do it, and where can we get our free meals too?

But first, before you get all excited, there are rules to her game. All food must be legitimately free, meaning "not bought by a friend or kind-hearted stranger." Also, drinking doesn't count. This is New York, people, there are needs and there are necessities. Finally, she writes, "All free food will be accurately documented through photos, videos and detailed reports on my blog." That blog is here, called Abroad'r View, and you can click through to witness her Free Eats week in all its glory.

So far she's been from Costco to Cafe Portofino, Whole Foods to the Chelsea Market, and seems to be doing just fine. Check out the blog for more free ideas, and follow the hungry, disciplined eater as she smiles her way through the rest of Free Eats week.

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