New Jersey

Kidnapped NJ Man Let Go to Call Family for Ransom Money, Calls Police Instead: Cops

Two Bronx men arrested after police said they tried to kidnap a married couple and hold them for $7,000 ransom.

The victim and his wife were approached by Luis Romero and Randol Olivio-Rondon and held at gunpoint on Main Street in Passaic Saturday night, according to authorities. While his wife was able to escape, the man was forced in a car. 

Romero and Olivio-Rondon allegedly took his wallet but then let him go to call his family members to demand a $7,000 ransom for his safe return.

But that's when the man turned the tables. Authorities said he called police, who arrived at the meet up location where the kidnappers thought their victim’s family would be waiting with cash. 

The pair were arrested at the scene. They appeared in court on Monday; family members declined to be commented on their behalves.

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