Criminal Charges Filed in Death of Woman Left on Hospital Floor

NBC New York has learned that a hospital aide is being charged with falsifying records in the case of a psychiatric patient who was left to die on an emergency room floor in 2008.

The charges by the Brooklyn district attorney against Easton Royal are the first criminal charges in the shocking death, which was captured on dramatic security videotape first aired on NBC New York.

It was not immediately clear whether Royal had a lawyer.

Esmine Green, 49, died at Kings County Hospital in 2008.

She had been waiting in the psychiatric ward for nearly 24 hours before she fell to the floor about 5:30 a.m. on June 19, 2008.

She lay there for an hour, rolled around and then died -- all that time ignored by staff, according to the videotape and a report by the city's Department of Investigation.

Her family won a $2 million settlement from the city.

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