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East Village Game Shop Caters to All Ages — Grannies Too

The East Village store has merchandise for all generations of gamers

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In an age where the downloading and streaming of video games is becoming more prevalent, physical gaming stores are not the only places where gamers can shop.

But, one New York City gaming store is staying relevant by offering unique merchandise.

Videogamesnewyork -- yes, that's one word -- carries video games new and old. The East Village store prides itself on being able to reach a diverse clientele, with its merchandise from different generations.

“We're for the grandmas that like Tetris, we're for the 9-year-old who discovered Atari on YouTube and is like, "Man, I really wanna play these games",” general manager Daniel Mastin said.

Gaming enthusiasts young and old can come to the store to find offerings that will suit their needs. On one side, Xbox One games line the shelves. Walk to another part of the store, and you can find games for the Nintendo 64, or old Sega Dreamcast consoles.

“Our customer base is very loyal, and it’s very dynamic,” Mastin said. “We are everything and every gender. That’s the beauty of carrying the entire history of video games. It’s that it doesn’t exclude anyone.”

Its present location opened on June 1, 2006, according to the store’s official website, after it moved from its Saint Marks location, where it was called “Saint Marks Games.”

“We’re definitely community-based,” Mastin said. “We listen to our community a lot, and that’s what keeps us who we are.”

Besides video games, customers can also find a variety of other fun items, such as, action figures and card games. You can even buy Super Mario cereal.

The store also offers services such as system repairs and disc scratch removal. In addition, consumers looking to stay fashionable can purchase different hats and snapbacks.

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