Dramatic Video Captures Rescue of Mom, 3 Kids, From Monstrous Fire Engulfing Home

Dramatic video has captured the moment firefighters rescued a terrified mom and her three children from an inferno devouring their home.

The fire broke out at a 16-unit apartment complex in Harris County, Texas on Monday morning, just before 2 a.m.

The mother and her three children live in a second floor apartment. As flames all but engulfed their apartment, the family was forced to the balcony as fire chased them out. In the terrifying video, the mother is heard crying out, "Help me, please!"

Luckily the fire service responded to the blaze in time. Firefighters put up a ladder and make a human chain as the terrified mother passes her young children down one at a time. 

While the whole building was destroyed, authorities said everyone made it out safely. The fire was being investigated as a possible arson.

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