Cuomo Under Fire

Cuomo to File Misconduct Complaint Over AG's Handling of Sexual Harassment Review

Former governor Andrew Cuomo's legal team alleges there is evidence of witness tampering and perjury that must be investigated

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Former New York governor Andrew Cuomo plans on submitting a complaint to the Attorney Grievance Committee regarding Attorney General Letitia James' handling of the review and report into sexual harassment allegations brought against him, Cuomo's attorney announced Thursday.

Rita Glavin, Cuomo's attorney, announced the next steps in pursuing legal remedies amid, what she called, the improper conduct by investigators in the attorney general's review.

Aside from Cuomo's planned written complaint to the Attorney Grievance Committee of the New York State Supreme Court addressing serious ethics concerns in the investigation against him, Glavin said that his legal team is also renewing its requests to the Attorney General and the Assembly for them to provide the team with all underlying evidence, alleging there is evidence of witness tampering and perjury that must be investigated since the Attorney General's Office has allegedly failed to do so. Among the evidence she cites is the "slow roll release" of a limited number of transcripts in the investigation.

While Glavin said these were the immediate actions Cuomo and his legal team plan on taking, it may not be the only legal steps.

Cuomo resigned as New York's governor following a damning report from the office of Attorney General Letitia James detailing multiple accusations of sexual harassment from nearly a dozen women. James later announced that she would run for governor in 2022. She has since withdrawn from the race citing her commitment to her role as the state's attorney general.

"He will not let this go," Glavin said. "It is insulting to tell someone who has been wrongly accused and treated unfairly 'just move on, just move on.' No. No. He is not going to just move on because truth is important. Process is important. Misconduct cannot get swept under the rug. If witnesses have lied and there is evidence of it, there must be accountability."

Cuomo and his legal team have consistently denied the allegations brought against him.

In response to the claims of improper conduct, the attorney general's office said in a statement to NBC New York that "Andrew Cuomo has been hiding behind his campaign lawyer and falsely crying ‘witch hunt’ despite previously admitting to this misconduct multiple times. If he thinks he has a real legal case, he should go ahead and file it."

The statement went on to call the allegations "disgraceful" and said it was "yet another desperate charade to mask the truth: Andrew Cuomo is a serial sexual harasser."

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