Cruise Ship Off to Bahamas after Coast Guard Inspection

Anthem of the Seas, the cruise ship forced to return to port after being lashed by rough seas, departed for the Bahamas Saturday after being cleared for the voyage by the U.S. Coast Guard.

Some passengers confessed to being a bit nervous, but most said they felt confident the ship is completely safe.

Coast Guard inspectors scoured the ship for damage and gave the go-ahead for Saturday's cruise.

The ship cut short its voyage last week after getting battered by rough seas and powerful winds during a powerful storm in the Atlantic Ocean.

Royal Caribbean insisted for days that the damage to the Bahamas-bound Anthem of the Seas was "cosmetic" and "superficial." But Coast Guard inspectors examined the ship and they showed NBC 4 New York the wakes behind the ship: only the left propulsion system had powered the return voyage, they said.

The Coast Guard said every important function of the ship was being examined, from lifesaving systems to structural integrity to fire suppression, as well as the propulsion system that kept the ship from returning at full speed.  

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