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Woman Accidentally Runs Over Friend As They Yell At Guests in Motel Lot: Cops

NBC 4 New York

A woman who allegedly was shouting at motel guests from the parking lot with her friend faces charges after accidentally running that same friend over with her car in the midst of the verbal brouhaha.

South Brunswick police said that Anna Defede was with a male friend at the Travelers Inn just after 5 p.m. Monday, and the two were yelling and arguing with people at the motel. Someone from the motel called police, as the shouting match continued while Defede and her friend made their way to their car in the parking, screaming at the people on the second floor.

As the 35-year-old Defede started backing out of the spot next to the motel, her friend opened his passenger-side door and kept the argument going, police said. While the car was in reverse, the 36-year-old friend fell underneath the car and was run over, according to South Brunswick Police.

Defede quickly pulled the car forward to get off her friend, before getting out to help him back inside. She took off north, seconds before police said they arrived.

Witnesses told police what happened, and pointed the officers in the direction where the car was headed. A quarter mile away from the motel, police stopped Defede, who acknowledged that she had run over her friend but believed that he wasn't seriously injured.

The man said he only had an abrasion, but after he was brought to the hospital, it was revealed that he had extensive injuries including a broken pelvis and ribs, police said. He remained hospitalized after several hours of surgery.

South Brunswick Police discovered that Defede had a suspended license at the time of the incident. She was hit with multiple charges including leaving the scene of a crash, and was free pending her first court appearance.

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