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New York State Police Warns of Phone Scam


The New York State Police is warning the public about a phone scam where callers are apparently claiming to be state troopers -- urging the public not to share personal information if they receive a similar call.

According to police, during these calls, the scammers say that they are a member of the state police and that there is a case against the person. They then request personal information.

Police say that the phone number that shows up in connection to the call is 631-756-3300, which is a number used by the New York State Police, Troop L headquarters on Long Island. However, the New York State Police say that neither the them, or any other agency, authorized the calls and would never ask for money, or personal information, over the phone.

Police advice anyone who receives such a call to not provide any personal information. Furthermore, law enforcement urges the public to not give any personal information over the phone unless one is 100% sure that they know who they are speaking to. If there is any hesitation, hang up, police said.

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