Hoboken Police Engage in Hours-Long Standoff With Man Who Held 5-Year-Old Son Captive

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Police in Hoboken were in a standoff for around four hours with a man who had trapped his young son with him inside.

Video from a witness shows members of the Hudson County Regional SWAT team surround a home off Garden Street Friday afternoon, putting the neighborhood on lockdown. Investigators said they were called to the basement apartment after family members reached out, concerned about the three people who live inside.

Hoboken Mayor Ravi Balla said that his office was notified about people being held against their will in the home, including a 5-year-old boy. The city's police chief, Ken Ferrante, said it took several hours of negotiating through the door and windows of the home before they were able to get the young boy to safety.

"Because there was a 5-year-old child that we felt was in this home, and we did not know the condition of that child, we made the determination we were going to go in and enter that house," Ferrante said.

Not long after, officers were able to arrest a 41-year-old man who lives there just before 7 p.m., charging him with second-degree child endangerment. Others in the community said that the man, Michael Marshalek, has become known for criticizing the city's face mask ordinance during the pandemic.

Marshalek recently attended a virtual Hoboken City Council meeting to make complaints. Police said it was not the first time they have had to go to the house where Marshalek was arrested, but did not offer any details regarding previous visits. Ferrante simply said "there have been some calls there over the last several years."

No one was injured and no weapons were found inside the home after Friday's incident. The 5-year-old son who was removed from the home was later put in the custody of his mother.

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