Central Park Musicians Fight for Their Right to Play

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Get your morning scoop on the plight of musicians, charter schools, a high school's cricket program, the return of tiny Lady Liberty, the future of Coney Island and a very pathetic Superman in today's local blog round-up.

What's the city got against Central Park musicians? After seeing one led away in handcuffs last week, another presses his peers to sign a petition, noting "Many have died for theis [sic] right, and we need to all stand up for it or it will be taken away forever!" The paved pathways of Central Park are practically littered with the bones of past Central Park musicians, we guess. [Brooklyn Parrots]

Are the city's charter schools helping or hurting the neighborhood schools they so often impede on? Clara Hemphill, Senior Editor at the Center for NYC Affairs at the New School, asks that very question in a thought piece on the Huffington Post. [HuffPo]

With only one college offering cricket at the varsity level, and just one public high school cricket program, the seniors at John Adams High School in Ozone Park, Queens, are truly one of a kind. [The Columbia Journalist]

The Village restaurant, One If By Land Two If By Sea, has generously offered its Lady Liberty as a replacement to Vox Coffee.  Vox's Statue of Liberty was stolen weeks ago, only to resurface in a beheading video just last week, a victim of terrorists or kids looking for cheap laughs. [Ditmas Park]

City Room answers a number of questions about the future of Coney Island with Charles Denson, "a Coney Island native and historian," at the helm. [City Room]

Superman was arrested again and this time had to be released to his parents after a short stay in the slammer. This is getting embarrassing for superheros nationwide. [Gothamist]

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