New Jersey

Camera Catches Woman Cashing Phony Checks at Manhattan Banks: NJ State Police

New Jersey State Police are asking for the public's help with identifying a woman who cashed fraudulent checks at two Manhattan banks.

Surveillance cameras caught a woman suspected of cashing two fraulent checks worth more than $1,300, officials from the New Jersey State Police department said in a Facebook post Wednesday.

She allegedly cashed two checks at two separate TD Bank locations in Manhattan Dec. 5, officials said. She allegedly used a fake Connecticut drivers license using the possible alias Karen Polanco.

The woman is also suspected of cashing fraudulent checks in Staten Island and Woodbridge, New Jersey.

New Jersey State Police officials are asking anyone with information to call Trooper Robert Sanchis at 908-689-3101. In their post, the department added a note to viewers who particular about suspect surveillance photos.

"For all of you who hate the grainy, blurry surveillance still pics, this one's for you!"

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