Around 200 Attend Brooklyn Vigil for Dallas Officers, Police Shooting Victims

Over 200 people gathered in Brooklyn Monday evening for an interfaith prayer vigil in honor of the recent victims of the police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota and the sniper shooting targeting officers in Dallas.

People lit candles and prayed at the Grand Army Plaza in Prospect Heights. Community leaders and elected officials spoke, including Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams and several local faith leaders.

"When five officers were assassinated in Dallas, Texas... the emotional bullet has ripped through the anatomy of our country," said Adams. "We must send a strong signal that the pathway of hate, the pathway of despair, the pathway of harming innocent people, whether they wear a blue uniform, blue jeans or a blue suit, is not accepted or tolerated in this country called America." 

Around 30 uniformed officers were also at the vigil. 

Connie Stewart, who attended the vigil with the Brooklyn Interdenominational Choir, an interfaith group that sings in churches, told NBC 4 New York, "Sadly, the world is in turmoil. The past couple of weeks have been horrendous," Stewart said. "Lives have been lost. People feel under attack. At the same time, those who serve and protect us have also been under attack."

"It is a universal issue that we need to look at. The issues of how do you approach anger, how do you approach fear?" she said. 

The entire crowd joined in singing "Let There Be Peace on Earth" toward the end of the vigil. 

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