Rabbi Seeks “Maximum Leniency” For Jewish Con

Leib Glanz resigned in wake of scandal

Ex-jail chaplain Rabbi Leib Glanz urged a judge to go easy on conman Tuvia Stern, whose son was the guest of honor at a jailhouse bash that Glanz whipped up, according to a report.

Glanz arranged the 60-guest bar mitzvah for Stern's son at the Tombs in December, prompting this week's resignation of the Corrections boss who had signed off on the gig in the first place. And just Wednesday, Glanz himself was forced to step down.

And now comes word that Glanz grabbed some Correction Department stationary and penned a plea to Judge Thomas Farber, asking for "your maximum leniency towards Tuvia Stern," The Post reported.

"He is deeply remorseful about the whole circumstances of his involvement," Glanz continued. "(He) has undergone a significant change in his worldview ... he is a different man."

A Corrections representative did not comment, the Post reported.

Glanz wrote that he'd gotten to know Stern "quite well" once the convicted scam artist began his incarceration, the Post reported. Their relationshipw was well enough that Stern was among the fellow Jew inmates welcome to Glanz's regular orders of sodas, salmon and cakes delivered to the facility.

Stern was so pleased with Glanz's goods that he later had him put together a modest engagement party for his daughter in the same jail.

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