40,000 Bees Found Under Floor of Queens Woman's Bedroom: Police

More than 40,000 bees were found under the floorboards of a Queens woman's bedroom after the homeowner called an expert to find the source of a loud, buzzing noise, authorities say.

Retired NYPD Detective Anthony Planakis, known as Tony Bees, responded to the home in Flushing Monday night; it took him more than two hours to extract the unwanted residents, authorities said.

Honey dripped off the massive honeycomb as it was pulled piecemeal from beneath siding and plywood, according to the Daily News.

The queen was among the tens of thousands of bees recovered, so the colony is able to be moved. An FDNY firefighter who is also a beekeeper will relocate the colony upstate, the News said.

According to Gothamist, Planakis said the homeowner called him in July about the bees, but he was concerned they wouldn't live through the winter so didn't want to remove them at the time.

The homeowner, Mary Jean Dyczko, told Gothamist she was relieved they were gone.

"Thank goodness I didn't know there was about 40,000," Dyczko told Gothamist, explaining she had know there was a large amount of bees in her house for nearly a year. "I had no idea there were that many. When he opened up the boards and I saw the size of that hive it was amazing. I'm glad I know it now as opposed to then because I probably wouldn't be living there! It was pretty frightening."

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