Annual Blessing of the Bikes Coming Soon

Get your morning scoop on the "Yuppie Express," a bicycle blessing, rude people on the G train and a Ping Pong paradise in today's local blog round-up.

Mr. NYC finally had the Bolt Bus experience and deemed it no less than the "Yuppie Express." Like most lucky bus riders who've crossed paths with the Yuptown 455, he was impressed with the Wi-Fi, online service and overall impressive Northeast service, but noted "you're out of luck" if Baltimore, Wilmington or Hartford are anywhere on your list of destinations. [Mr. NYC]

Get your butts and bikes out of bed early Saturday for the 11th Annual Blessing of the Bikes at The Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine at 112th St. and Amsterdam Ave. You don't want to be left riding a potentially cursed bicycle around the city now, do you? [Uptown Flavor]

Girl, get your feet off of them subway seats! Now only is that illegal, it's just totally inappropriate and displays a serious lack of manners, at least according to one G train rider. And this wasn't just one isolated incident here, there were three people "thinking it was okay to put their feet up on the seats." Not cool girls, not cool. [Neighborhood Threat]

In this "story of the day," the Brooklyn Ink takes a look into a "dimly lit basement parking garage," that looks a bit like a ping pong player's dreamland, where the New York City Table Tennis Club calls home. [The Brooklyn Ink]

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