A Night at the Museum: American Museum of Natural History Hosts Adult Sleepover

A night of museum adventure for those 21 and up

What to Know

  • The American Museum of Natural History is hosting a sleepover for grown-ups Friday night
  • The entrance fee of $350 includes a cot, champagne reception and live music
  • Guests are invited to invited to roam the nearly empty halls of the museum and sleep under the museum's 94-foot-long blue whale

Grab a pillow and blanket -- even a glass of champagne. This Friday night the American Museum of Natural History is hosting a museum sleepover only for adults.

The night will start off with a champagne reception, as well as a buffet dinner with wine and beer, before attendees get their chance to live out a real ‘Night at the Museum’ experience by roaming the empty halls of natural history. In addition, adults will explore the visual representation of deep space in Dark Universe at the Planetarium and learn about the largest, infamous habitat on Earth with the screening of Oceans: Our Blue Planet.

Guests will also have a front row seat to a live-animal demonstration, as well as being introduced to the entire tyrannosaur superfamily in T. rex: The Ultimate Predator.

As the night comes to an end, rather than curling up under the stars, enjoy sleeping under the biggest whale that ever lived over 65 million years ago -- the museum’s 94-foot-long blue whale.

Tickets cost $350 per person, $300 for museum members. Admission includes cots for all guests.

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