Already Demoralized, NY's House Republicans Face Decimation

GOP loss in Staten Island would give Democrats complete control of NY's delegation

New York's House Republicans were demoralized after the last election. This time, they could be decimated.

Across the state, the GOP could lose as many as four seats this Election Day, which would shrink their representation in Congress to just two members.

Currently, New York state has 23 Democrats in the House of Representatives, and six Republicans. That's the smallest GOP figure since the party came into existence in the 1850's.

The churning of the state's political map made New York home to the most expensive House race in the nation as of last week: The 20th district outside Albany, where a staggering $11 million is being spent between one-term Democratic Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican challenger Sandy Treadwell, a former state GOP chairman.

Four other races will be closely watched Tuesday night.

On Staten Island, Rep. Vito Fossella chose to leave office after a drunken driving arrest led to revelations he had fathered a child from an extramarital affair.

If Democrat Mike McMahon wins that seat over Republican Robert Straniere, New York City will have an all-Democratic congressional delegation for the first time since 1973.

In upstate Syracuse, the retirement of Rep. James Walsh has opened the door wider for Democrat Dan Maffei, who is now facing Republican Dale Sweetland.

Western New York features two close races. In the Southern Tier, Republican Rep. Randy Kuhl is in a tough rematch with Democrat Eric Massa. To the north, the retirement of Buffalo-area Rep. Tom Reynolds led to a contest between Republican Chris Lee and Democrat Alice Kryzan.

Democratic voter registration in New York rose 5.4 percent since 2006, and GOP registration dropped 2.5 percent. Democrats now have an almost 2-1 registration advantage across the state.

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