A UFO Flies in Brooklyn

Star? Planet? Saucer?

“Oh my!  They're coming to get us!"

That was Richard Taveras' fiancée’s reaction when they first set their eyes upon a bright twinkling light that seemed to hover over their Williamsburg neighborhood.

“It has, let's call it, a headlight, so it would spin and if you see in the video it would focus in on us,” Richard Taveras told NBCNewYork.

He and his betrothed have now seen these objects four times in the past two months and recorded it twice.  Once, they also recorded what appears to be a hovering egg-like object.

“When I got the binoculars, I didn't see markings of an aircraft or manmade or helicopter, I assumed that's what it was,” said Taveras.

Well to him it may have been an “unidentified flying object,” but as Columbia's chair of astronomy assured us, they were unlikely carrying any extraterrestrials.

“The images are clearly out of focus in the camera and since it's there in the same place in the sky two nights apart, it seem to me it’s just a star they focused on,” said Columbia Prof. David Helfand

But Taveras still believes something is  out there.

“I do believe,” said Taveras. “Yes, as crazy as it seems."

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