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Rutgers-Newark Campus Evacuated After Potentially Hazardous Substance Found

Authorities said it appeared to be materials used to make fireworks.



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    Police evacuated the Rutgers campus in Newark Wednesday after discovering a potentially hazardous substance during a sweep of a student's dorm room, federal authorities said.

    The FBI told Rutgers-Newark campus police Wednesday that the substance found during the raid at University Square Hall Tuesday night should be further investigated.

    It was later believed to be material used to make homemade fireworks, and officials said there was no indication of a terror threat.

    Authorities searched the student's room after receiving information from University of South Dakota police.

    According to a law enforcement source, a student at the University of South Dakota did not return to classes for second semester, and in cleaning out his room, university officials found what appeared to be bomb-making components.

    The student had connections to a student at Rutgers, and so police reached out to officials at Rutgers, where similar materials were found.

    According to the source, it appears both students were making homemade fireworks. Both are cooperating with authorities.

    The Rutgers student has been identified as Elan "Eli" Haba, 19, of North Caldwell. He has been charged with several misdemeanors and was released on a summons.

    It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer; calls to his home were not answered.