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Queens Class Goes Two Months Without Full-Time Teacher

A tenth grade English class has been without a full-time teacher since September.



    Queens Class Goes Two Months Without Full-Time Teacher
    An English class at Frederick Douglas Academy 6 High School was without a full-time teacher for nearly two months.

    A tenth grade English class in Far Rockaway has been without a permanently assigned teacher since the school year started.

    According to the Department of Education, a substitute teacher has been teaching tenth grade English at Frederick Douglas Academy VI High School.  While school officials say the substitute is teaching according to a school plan issued by the principal, some parents say their kids are not being taught.

    Shanique Johnson who is a student in that class said the substitute "Just walks around and makes sure everyone's being good and sits in their seats and stuff."

    Her mother, Judith Johnson said she tried to switch her daughter into a new class but her request was never met.

    "When I talked to the principal, they say my daughter is lying. I said no, there are other kids here.  I saw them in the hallway and they were complaining about the same thing."

    A spokesman for the DOE says the principal was looking for the right person for that class.  While she interviewed several candidates, it wasn’t until Friday, October 30, that a permanent teacher was assigned.

    October 31 is the deadline principals must fill vacancies or risk losing those vacant positions.