Police Open Fire on Armed Suspect in Harlem - NBC New York

Police Open Fire on Armed Suspect in Harlem

Police say they saw the suspect with a gun in his hand



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    Police released this image of the gun that they say the suspect pointed at an officer.

    Police officers fired at a suspect on a Harlem street after they say he pointed a gun at them.

    The 27-year-old man fled after the incident at about 3 a.m. Saturday. He was arrested minutes later on West 112th Street near Fifth Avenue.

    Police say three plain-clothes officers were on patrol in an unmarked car when they heard gunshots, then saw the suspect with a weapon in his hand.
    One officer approached the man. Police say the man raised his gun and two other officers fired. The suspect apparently was not hit.
    Police say the man discarded a revolver, pictured above, as he fled on foot.
    Charges are pending as the probe continues.

    Authorities did not release the names of the officers or the suspect.

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