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DA: Half of 1,800 NYC Occupy Cases Resolved So Far

Dozens of protesters went to the latest is a series of court dates Wednesday



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    Occupy Wall Street activist Lauren Digioia is detained by police officers during a demonstration in New York's Grand Central Station, Tuesday, Jan. 3.

    Prosecutors say about half of some 1,800 cases stemming from various arrests at Occupy Wall Street demonstrations have been resolved, mostly with agreements to dismiss the cases if the defendants stay out of trouble.

    The Manhattan district attorney's office provided the tally Wednesday as dozens of protesters went to the latest in a series of court dates. Fifty-four cases were on the docket in a court assigned to handle Occupy arrests.

    Wednesday's cases stemmed mostly from an Oct. 1 march on the Brooklyn Bridge. More than 700 people were arrested there.

    Prosecutors dropped six cases Wednesday. Prosecutors said they weren't sure they could prove those. Eight other people took an offer to get their cases dismissed in six months if they don't get rearrested. The rest are headed toward trial.