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New Health Commish Wants to Pump You Up



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    People run on treadmills at a New York Sports Club in Brooklyn.

    The city health commissioner says he's trying to enlist architects, nonprofit groups and businesses to help make New York City a more exercise-friendly place.

    On Monday, Dr. Thomas Farley rolls out health goals for the next three years.

    He says New York is getting smoking and trans fats under control. Now it will focus on eating and exercise habits in the boroughs outside Manhattan.

    Farley, a Brooklyn resident, tells The New York Times he wants people to get people out of their cars and on their feet. Some possibilities: more bike lanes; opening schoolyards for recreation; and unlocking staircases.

    "In Manhattan, most people are going to be walking," Farley told the Times -- which noted the Commish is string-bean thin. "Throughout the other boroughs, they are going to be driving."

    Farley is behind the ad campaign "Pouring on the pounds," which features human fat being poured from soft-drink bottles, and he supported a new city law requiring building owners with freight elevators to provide bicycle access.