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Grand Jury Indicts 5 Suspects in Cop Killing

The NYPD officer died Monday responding to a break-in.



    Grand Jury Indicts 5 Suspects in Cop Killing
    NBC New York
    Accused cop shooter Lamont Pride.

    The five suspects accused in the shooting death of an NYPD officer earlier this week were indicted by a grand jury and formally charged Friday.

    Officer Peter Figoski was killed Monday while responding to a break-in where the suspects were allegedly robbing a drug dealer's apartment.

    The accused shooter, Lamont Pride, was charged with first-degree murder and the four others were charged with second-degree murder.

    Pride's attorney has cautioned against jumping to conclusions and says the details will come out.

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    "It's going to be a long process. We're gathering information and urging everyone to wait to judge until the court system takes it course," James Koenig said.

    Meanwhile on Friday, the man accused of being the getaway driver said in a newspaper interview that Pride threatened him with a gun.     

    Michael Velez told the Daily News that he didn't know a robbery was planned when he agreed to give the four other suspects a ride.     

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    He says he asked Pride why he had a gun in the car.

    Velez says the gun was then pointed at him and he was told: "Don't worry about it. Keep driving.''     

    Velez's attorney told NBC New York that he was not told about the interview and believes police arranged it as a way to get a statement out of his client.

    "There were specific orders that no one from the media was to speak to him," said Marvin Weinroth.