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Sesame Creep Elmo Begs Tourists for Cash

"What's wrong with Elmo, Mommy?"



    Sesame Creep Elmo Begs Tourists for Cash
    Don't let this guy around your kids.

    Don't tickle this Elmo -- you'll get more than you bargained for.

    A rogue Elmo impersonator wearing the friendly red guy's suit hassled tourists in Times Square last night, demanding money from families who approached to get a picture with their kids -- and swearing when he didn't get his cash.

    "No picture. No picture. You have to tip Elmo. You have to tip Elmo or Elmo gets angry," a man in a dirty Elmo suit told a Texas tourist, according to the New York Daily News.

    "What's wrong with Elmo, Mommy?" a 4-year-old "Sesame Street" fan asked when "Elmo" put his hand in the kid's mother's camera lens.

    "That's not the real Elmo. That's a bad Elmo," 47-year-old Victoria Vought told her son.

    Reporters couldn't find out who was behind the Elmo suit -- the furry imposter tried to attack the photographer and reporter who approached.