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Upstate Man Hangs Kitten With Belt

...but the kitten was found alive later



    Upstate Man Hangs Kitten With Belt
    This cat wasn't involved, but it is cute.

    Sure cats have nine lives but that's no excuse for this.

    Syracuse cops are accusing a 22-year-old man of hanging his girlfriend’s kitten with a belt and making a sadistic a video showing the little feline fighting for its life.

    Joanne Cichy came home after trick-or-treating with her children Halloween night to find her four-month-old kitten missing, she told cops. She found a video on her digital camera the day after that showed the kitten dangling from the door with a belt around its neck.

    The video showed the kitten struggling to breathe before its body went still. Cichy’s live-in boyfriend, Rascell Williams, was seen coming in and out of the video.

    The kitten was found alive under the porch a little later.

    Williams was charged with unjustifiable animal cruelty.