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K-Rod Gets Bail in Text Message Flap



    Watch K-Rod's head hang low as he's led handcuffed into court. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 22, 2010)

    A New York judge has set bail at $7,500 for Mets closer Francisco Rodriguez at his arraignment on criminal contempt charges.

    Rodriguez was posting bail immediately after his hearing Wednesday in Queens. Extra security was present when the Mets reliever entered court wearing a black t-shirt and jeans.

    Authorities say he sent text messages to his girlfriend for seven days despite a restraining order issued in his assault case.

    The judge said he set the bail "due to the nature of the allegations," "the number of texts" and "what was said" in the messages. He also issued another order of protection that sets Daian Pena as a victim.

    K-Rod was previously accused of roughing up his girlfriend's father outside a family lounge at Citi Field. The initial order of protection named only the father, but K-Rod today told to keep away from both Carlos Pena and his daughter, who's the mother of Rodriguez's twins.

    Assistant District Attorney Scott Kessler said Rodriguez tried to use "manipulation and control" when sending the texts. He added that Rodriguez was not "naive and loving," as the defense has maintained. Kessler also said it was clear that Rodriguez "knew he could get in trouble" for sending the texts and that he admitted as much in at least two of the messages.

    Prosecutors filed seven counts of contempt against Rodriguez -- one for each day he tried to contact her.

    Kessler also explained this was not the first order of protection filed against Rodriguez by the victim. In 2005, a court in Venezuela issued an order after she was hospitalized. Kessler said Rodriguez violated the order and she left the country with him.