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It's Off: Dubya, Bubba Won't Debate at Radio City



    It's Off: Dubya, Bubba Won't Debate at Radio City
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    Sure, it's all fun and games -- until there's a debate .

    It was on. Now it's off. A day after Madison Square Garden announced that former presidents George W. Bush and Bill Clinton would square off in a debate at Radio City Musical Hall next year, a spokesman for the Democrat says the showdown won't go on.

    That's because the promoter MSG hired for the event over-hyped it as a vicious death-match, not an innocent, peaceful meeting of the minds, according to a report. 

    Clinton spokesman Matt McKenn confirmed reports that the "debate" was off. He told The New York Post that the event was never supposed to be billed as a "debate" and was intended to be a panel discussion led by a moderator with the former presidents.

    In other words, they weren't going to pull on red boxing gloves and face off in the ring.

    "This event ... was supposed to be a discussion between the two former presidents, and has been cancelled because it was not being billed as such by an overeager promoter," McKenna told the Post.

    It's too bad. We were really excited about it. The political power players were supposed to "debate topics ranging from the economy, to foreign policy, to the current administration," according to a statement put out by MSG Entertainment.

    That would've been fun to watch.