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It's Here! Swine Flu Back in the Mix



    It's Here! Swine Flu Back in the Mix
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    Three year-old Hannah Rood receives a flu vaccine.

    The latest government report on this year's flu season shows a jump in the number of cases.

    According to the Centers for Disease Control, influenza is now widespread across 25 states, including New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

    About two thirds of the cases this year are considered the H3N1 strain, which endangers mostly elderly people, reports the CDC. The other third is the notorious Swine Flu strain, or H1N1.

    The good news: the current spike in flu cases nationwide is nowhere near levels seen during last winter's "Swine Flu" Peak.

    Still, time is ticking on flu vaccines. For adults, it takes about two weeks after getting a shot or nasal-spray for the antibodies to develop and provide a line of protection, according to government experts.

    Thirteen children have died so far this season nationwide after contracting the flu compared to 282 last season.

    Two of this season's pediatric deaths were in New York State, according to health officials.