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Psych Exam for Man in Italian Student's NYC Death

Rita Morelli, 36, was killed in her apartment Nov. 23



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    Another day of crime in DFW.

    A court document says a Senegalese man charged with stabbing an Italian college student to death in New York City told police that he'd killed her. He stabbed himself while talking to officers.

    Bakary Camara was being held in a Manhattan hospital after being arraigned there Wednesday. A judge ordered a psychiatric exam for the 41-year-old Camara at the request of his lawyer, Seema Iyer.

    Camara is charged with murdering 36-year-old Rita Morelli in her apartment Nov. 23. Police say they found Camara at his Bronx home with a knife two days later, after he made a cryptic 911 call about the body.

    A court complaint says he told officers that he killed her, then stabbed himself in the stomach and directed police to a note describing a failed relationship.