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Suspicious Powder Sent to U.N. Missions Is Flour

Workers were decontaminated as a precaution



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    Envelopes containing suspicious white powder were sent to three separate foreign government offices in Manhattan

    The suspicious white powder sent in envelopes to three  U.N. missions has tested positive as flour, the NYPD said this evening.

    The NYPD said lab tests on the white powder at three of the five missions who received evenlopes -- France, Austria and Uzbekistan -- has been positively id'd as that cooking staple.  Tests on the powder sent to the German and U.K. mission is due back soon.

    The fire department responded in hazmat suits, and although no one was hospitalized, 43 people were decontaminated, officials said.

    Responders also decontaminated areas of the buildings as a precaution.

    Two of the letters have Texas return addresses and one letter contained the words Al-Qaeda, sources told NBC New York.

    All five countries are involved in the war in Afghanistan.