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DA: Drug Ring Used Boy, 8, As Lookout

Customers came from New Jersey, Long Island and Vermont to buy PCP from this ring.



    DA: Drug Ring Used Boy, 8, As Lookout

    Prosecutors and police announced 35 arrests Wednesday in the bust of a major drug ring that operated in Harlem and used an 8-year-old boy as a lookout.

    Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. said the arrests were made after a 15-month investigation.

    The two leaders, a pair of brothers, are accused of selling PCP to customers who lined up to buy the drugs. They received shipments through the mail through UPS and Fed-Ex, prosecutors said.

    Vance said the ring drew customers from as far away as Vermont.

    One of their buyers was a woman who purchased PCP and then died in an East Harlem fire on Sunday after she began smoking the drug and her clothes caught fire.

    Authorities found $35,000 in cash and 2.5 gallons of PCP stashed in Hawaiian Punch bottles in a raid Wednesday.