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City Hall Pulls Recalled Toyotas From Fleet



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    You ask for it, you got it. Or not.

    Mayor Michael Bloomberg's administration has pulled all of its 2010 Toyota Prius vehicles from the road ahead of Tuesday's recall from the world's largest automaker.

    The city had ordered 181 of the hybrids to add to its fleet of 26,600 city vehicles.

    As of last week, 16 had been delivered and six were on the road.

    The cars were to be used across a variety of agencies, including environmental protection and health departments.

    Spokesman Marc LaVorgna says the city pulled the cars Friday is awaiting further word from Toyota.

    The city does not own any of the other Toyota models that were included in the recall.

    Toyota Motor Corp. has recalled a total of 8.5 million vehicles. The problems include brake issues, floor mats that can trap gas pedals and faulty gas pedals.

    A Queens WWII vet blamed brake issues when his Toyota crashed into a synagogue this week.