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Catfight! Real Housewives Fight Dupre's Diss



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    The Ashley Dupre fan club continues to dwindle.

    Oh, helllllllllll no. Ashley Dupre has messed with the wrong women.

    The high-priced escort who brought down disgraced ex-governor Eliot Spitzer caught some flak from "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" after she insulted all Jersey family women as "pseudo-prostitutes" in a blog tirade, according to a published report.

    "It's just unfortunate that she's using this to get her name and face out like that," Caroline Manzo, one of the housewives on the Bravo series, told The New York Post. "She's entitled to her voice, like we all are, but nobody should have to listen to her."

    In Dupre's diatribe, posted online earlier this week, she suggested that women who marry rich men for their money are no different than prostitutes. While she didn't exactly specifically insult Manzo or the other housewives, it was a wholesale diss to all wedded Jersey women, reports the Post.

    And "to suggest we're no better than prostitutes is just silly," Manzo told the Post.

    Manzo's sister, Dina, who's also on the show, also took offense at Dupre's comments.

    "I didn't know prostitutes were in love with their [johns]," she told the Post.