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More Bad Legal News for LiLo

Judge rule that Lohan's E-Trade suit must be hear in New York



    More Bad Legal News for LiLo
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    Lindsay Lohan is fully loaded -- with legal problems.

     Lindsay Lohan may feel that New York's Long Island will always be her home, but a judge says that's not the case for legal purposes.

    The actress' lawsuit over an E-Trade talking-baby commercial has been moved from Long Island to New York City, by court order. The New York City-based brokerage sought the shift and said Thursday it was pleased with the ruling.

    Lohan claims she was the implied target of jokes about a "milkaholic" named Lindsay in one of the brokerage's Super Bowl spots. E-Trade calls her claims meritless.

    Lohan filed the lawsuit in March in Nassau County. Her lawyer said Lohan had a basis for suing in the suburbs: She still considers her mother's Merrick house her home.

    A Manhattan judge sided with E-Trade Financial Corp. on June 30. Lohan's lawyer didn't immediately return a call Thursday.