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A Wild Kingdom in Suffolk County



    A Wild Kingdom in Suffolk County
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    A goat.

    In Manhattan we have the rat race, but out on the eastern reaches of Long Island, it's a dog-eat-goat world.

    A Mastic Beach man tells police that four goats he kept in his backyard were killed by a pair of marauding pit bulls.

    William Barbaro says he was awakened at about 4 a.m. Friday by a noise outside and when he went to investigate, the dogs were attacking his four female goats. Three were already dead and a fourth died hours later.

    Two male goats owned by Barbaro were found safe inside a garage.

    Barbaro told reporters he had intended to move the from goats to property his parents own in Maine.

    A town spokesman says goat ownership is permitted, as long as owners obtain a license.

    It was not immediately clear who owned the pit bulls. The case is under investigation.