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911 Calls Reveal Moments After Husband-Wife Shooting



    Listen to the 911 calls from the night a New Jersey couple was shot walking down the street with their child. Police later arrested the husband for arranging the hit that killed his wife. (Published Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2011)

    Newly released 911 recordings depict a New Jersey man -- who was later accused of arranging his wife's killing -- screaming in agony and pleading with emergency dispatchers to send medical help.

    Kashif Parvaiz was trying to summon an ambulance to Cedar Street on Aug. 16, where he had been shot and his wife had suffered a fatal gunshot wound.

    “I just got shot in my leg. I’m bleeding!” shouted the husband.

    Detectives contend Parvaiz was performing an act on the phone when he called 911. Prosecutors say the 26-year-old husband and father actually orchestrated the death of his wife, Nazish Noorani, by conspiring with a female friend to stage a fatal ambush.

    Both Parvaiz and his alleged accomplice, Antoinette Stephen, 27, are in jail awaiting trial on murder and conspiracy charges. Police say Stephen fired the bullets that killed Noorani, then purposely wounded Parvaiz to make it look like he was also a target of the attack. 

    Mitchell Ansell, Parvaiz’s defense attorney, told NBC New York his client played no role in the plot to kill his wife, and that his co-defendant is solely responsible for the killing.

    “There is no question she acted alone,” Ansell said. “My client was attacked and seriously wounded and we believe the evidence will show Ms. Stephen killed my client’s wife.”

    NBC New York was unable to reach Stephen’s defense attorney for comment.  She has also pleaded not guilty.

    Initially, investigators said Parvaiz described the attack as having been carried out by three men who shouted “terrorist” as they opened fire on the couple

    Ansell said he hasn’t seen any statements made by his client to police.

    “My client does dispute the content of those statements as set forth by the prosecutor,” he said.