NY Had 2nd Most Anti-Semitic Cases in Country Last Year: ADL - NBC New York

NY Had 2nd Most Anti-Semitic Cases in Country Last Year: ADL

State had 209 bias events in 2009, 2nd only to Calif



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    Vandals spray painted swastikas and profanity on the church walls.

    More than 200 instances of anti-Semitic assaults, harassment and vandalism took place in New York state last year, making it second only to California in bias events, the Anti-Defamation League said Tuesday in releasing its annual survey.

    The ADL identified a total of 1,211 events around the United States in 2009, including the June 2009 shooting at the U.S. Holocaust Museum; the May 2009 arrests of four men accused of placing what they thought were bombs outside two Bronx synagogues; and a number of acts of vandalism from around the country.

    "America is not immune to anti-Semitism, and 2009 was no different in this regard than in any other year,'' said Abraham Foxman, ADL National Director. "It is a sobering reality that as Jews have become more accepted in society, there remains a consistent hatred of Jews among too many.'

    The audit identified 29 assaults, 760 instances of harassment and 422 cases of vandalism nationwide. Among all incidents, 209 were in New York state and 275 in California, the ADL said.

    The audit found 79 instances of harassment, 10 reports of assaults and 120 cases of vandalism in New York state. The ADL said 132 of those cases took place in New York City and 61 in Long Island.

    The ADL said it had revamped its reporting methods along with how it considered incidents for inclusion in the audit. Foxman gave the example of the swastika, which he said had become a nonspecific symbol of hate for some, rather than the main symbol of Nazism.

    "So we are being more careful to include graffiti incidents that specifically target Jews or Jewish institutions as we continue the process of re-evaluating and redefining how we measure anti-Jewish incidents,'' he said.

    The ADL said the audit included data from 46 states and the District of Columbia.