#WashYourLyrics: Website Generates 20 Second Hand-Washing Memes to Your Favorite Songs

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By now we've heard time and time again that the easiest and one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of coronavirus and other diseases -- and just for the sake of hygiene -- is to wash your hands for at least 20 seconds.

Since hand sanitizers have flown off the shelves, many are left with the sole option of washing their hands frequently throughout the day. But this task can become a bit mundane.

The solution? How about washing your hands to the tune of your favorite song lyrics! has taken up the challenge and created a website that generates infographics based on your favorite tune. All you need is to type in the song lyric and artist in the designated area and -- voila! The website pulls the relevant lyrics and places them, line-by-line, over an infographic that details how to effectively wash one's hands.

The website, and its corresponding #washyourlyrics, have become viral -- effectively turning hand washing into some sort of karaoke-esque activity. According to its creator, in just three days the over 348,000 posters (memes) were created.

Multitudes have joined the craze -- including celebrities and an internationally known fast food chain.

The website also seems to work for non-English lyrics. One musically-astute Twitter-user pointed out that the chorus from one of Shakira's 90s hits is exactly 20 seconds long.”

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