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Starbucks Tree

Stop at Starbucks everyday? Here's an unusual approach to reusing those used cups.



    Tree sculptures, made from junk and trash, decorate a lawn on a busy street in Manila.

    The huge works of art were created by university students in honor of Earth Day. They used everything from plastic bottles, used Starbucks cups, old bicycles and discarded CDs to make the sculptures. The students designed the trees to send a message about how much waste people generate.

    With the sources of their artwork in mind, here's some food for thought:

    • An estimated eight out of 10 plastic water bottles end up in landfills.
    • Starbucks offers 10 cents off any drink if you bring in your own mug.
    • Want to get rid of your bike? Consider donating it!
    • Done with an old CD or DVD? See above.

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