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Cuomo Coasts to Victory in NY Governor's Race
Wednesday, Nov 14, 2012
In a victory speech, Cuomo said his mandate is to "clean up Albany."
Updated Nov 8, 12:40 PM EST
99 % Precincts Reporting
Andrew Cuomo (D) 61% 2,602,443
Carl Paladino (R) 34% 1,445,779
Howie Hawkins (I) 1% 58,123
Jimmy McMillan (I) 1% 40,900
Warren Redlich (I) 1% 45,865
Kristin Davis (I) 1% 22,931
Charles Barron (I) 0% 20,658
Post-Election Reality -- The New Gov Has Tough Job Ahead
Getty Images
Nov 3, 02:53 PM EDT
It will be a very heavy burden.
McMillan, Rent is Too Damn High Party "Can't Quit Now"
Nov 3, 04:42 PM EDT
Not that he's entirely sure what his future direction should be; McMillan just knows he's going to be...

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Oct 29, 08:48 AM EDT
Nov 14, 11:38 PM EST
In a victory speech, Cuomo said his mandate is to "clean up Albany."
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