GOP Chairman: Send Hevesi to Jail | NBC New York
GOP Chairman: Send Hevesi to Jail
Top Republican wants Democrat Behind Bars
BY Melissa Russo

 New York's top Republican says Democrat Alan Hevesi should go to jail. 

Actually, GOP Chairman Ed Cox thought Hevesi, the former New York State Comptroller was already  in jail, during an interview with NBCNewYork. 

"It's a Democratic culture of corruption in Albany," Cox declared. "Hevesi just went to jail."

We pointed out that Hevesi did not just go to jail. He pleaded guilty to felony corruption charges last Thursday, including steering hundreds of millions of dollars in pension fund business to friends and political allies, and accepting trips and campaign contributions in return.

Cox conceded he had misspoken.  "Right,"  he said,  "But if he doesn't go to jail there's a miscarriage of justice.  Let me put it that way." 

Hevesi could face fines or up to four years in jail. 

Cox certainly would certainly relish the imprisonment of another scandalized Albany Democrat to make the case that voters should throw the Dems out -- following scandals by top party officials like Pedro Espada,  Hiram Monserrate and Eliot Spitzer.  

But the Democrats have no monopoly on Albany misconduct.  Republican Joe Bruno, the former Senate Majority leader, was convicted of Federal corruption charges and sentenced to two years in jail.  (Although the sentence is on hold pending a Supreme Court ruling.) 

Hevesi's attorney was not immediately available for comment.