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Le Souk Finally Leaves East Village



    Le Souk Finally Leaves East Village
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    Looks like drinkers will be able to enjoy Le Souk without having to once again be respectful of the neigbors.

    After a well-publicized fight for its liquor license, Le Souk is moving to the current Horus Lounge space at 510 LaGuardia Street near Bleecker, where it will open in mid-June.

    Seems like a win-win: Le Souk gets a three-level space for its blowout parties, in an area that's already a flaming nightmare of booze beasts, and Avenue B residents maybe get a few extra winks of sleep. Everyone happy?

    The new location will accomodate 300 and the same DJs from the Ave. B spot will follow owner Marcus Jacob to the Horus space.

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