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Uncle Sam to Troll Colleges For Spies



    Uncle Sam to Troll Colleges For Spies
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    Soon college students may experiment in counter terrorism.

    Watch out bro -- the person helping you make that keg stand could be a government spy.

    The Obama administration plans to recruit more intelligence agents from colleges and universities by giving grant money to schools that develop shadowy internship programs for Sophomore and Junior co-eds, The Washington Post reported.

    As part of the secret program, a group of "first- and second- generation Americans, who already have language and cultural knowledge" would be prepped for a career thwarting terrorists in Middle East and South Asian hot spots, according to a note to Congress by National Intelligence Director Dennis C. Blair.

    Participating schools would give students paid summer internships at intelligence agencies and offer technical courses like cryptology, according to the Post.

    If approved as part of Obama's 2010 intelligence authorization bill, the training program would build on past pilot efforts. 

    Too bad participants can't brag to their friends.