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    CERN has built the world's biggest and most powerful particle accelerator. It will be turned on tomorrow. (Photo by Johannes Simon/Getty Images)

    You don't actually have to be smart to impress people -- you just have to fake it. Here's a daily list of must-read articles that will impress your co-workers, wow your friends and make you seem smart.

    • The Pentagon is thinking about waging cyberwars. Military officials suggested that the U.S. focus on attacking other nations' computer systems rather than protecting our own.
    • Move over, Wal-Mart. The German-owned, low-priced grocery chain Aldi offers cheaper eats than the American chain and threatens to be as ubiquitous -- adding 100 stores to the U.S. next year alone. It's spartan, but hey, it's cheap. 
    • That sweet birdsong may in fact be a vicious argument between two warring birds over territory or a relationship, according to a newly released study. Based on the findings, songbirds are most likely arguing when they chirp.
    • The organizers of Fashion Week have turned over some coveted front-row seats to an unlikely group of spectators: OfficeMax, BlackBerry and Google. Why? To reach out to high-powered execs.
    • Mark your calendar: tomorrow could be doomsday. On Wednesday, CERN -- the European Organization for Nuclear Research --will release the first proton beams from a particle accelerator designed to explore tiny particles and come close to re-enacting the big bang.