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Bin Laden's Son Killed in U.S. Strike: Report

U.S. intelligence agencies 80 to 85 percent sure Sa'ad bin Laden killed



    Bin Laden's Son Killed in U.S. Strike: Report
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    Osama bin Laden may have outlived his little terror.

    U.S. forces took out one of Osama bin Laden's terrorist sons in a missile attack in Pakistan sometime this year, according to reports. 

    Sa'ad bin Laden, said to be a minor al-Qaida figure who is in his late twenties, was believed killed after a U.S. drone fired missiles into Pakistan, National Public Radio reported.

    U.S. intelligence agencies said they were "80 to 85" percent sure of his death, though bin Laden's body has yet to be recovered for DNA testing.

    He was "in the wrong place at the wrong time," and was not targeted an intelligence source told NPR.

    "We make a big deal out of him because of his last name," the official added.

    Meanwhile, papa bin Laden has eluded capture for nearly a decade since masterminding the 9/11 attacks of 2001.

    Osama's other son Omar recently co-wrote a book with his mother titled "Growing up bin Laden" about the family business. 

    In the book, Omar writes that his relationship with his dad -- the world's top terrorist -- fell apart when Osama gassed Omar's puppies in a chemical warfare experiment.

    "After I learned the truth about the puppies, I turned even further away from my father," he wrote.