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    The debate is finally here! But the number of people who are drinking the Sarah Palin haterade has increased ten fold since John McCain announced that she would be his running mate. Tonight, she has a chance to silence the naysayers or further dig herself into a hole. Today's buzz: Is Palin the come-back kid?

    • The editorial board at USA Today realizes that it's difficult but please try to focus on Biden's record and not his predilection for gaffes tonight. That said, the debate is Palin's second coming-out party of sorts and she better not blow it, although she probably will. Take-away: "Tonight's debate is likely to be a key test of whether she can swim with the big fish."
    • We all know that McCain's selection of Palin was a risky move. But did you realize that the odds of Palin becoming president if McCain is in office is the same as your birthday falling on a Wednesday? Think about that as you watch tonight's debate, writes Roger Cohen in the NYT. Take-away: "Is America ready for that?"
    • Palin is going to surpass expectations and, though she may not dazzle 'em, she will come out of the debate more or less unscathed, writes Michelle Cottle in the New Republic. Take-away: "The smart money says Palin will emerge with, at most, superficial wounds."
    • It seems impossible for Palin to avoid making untrue or nonsensical statements, writes Victor Davis Hanson in the National Review Online. Take-away: "No wonder rumors mount that Sen. McCain is now seeking a possible graceful exit for the gaffe-prone Palin, even as the Obama campaign continues to make the contrast with their own sober and circumspect Joe Biden."
    • History has shown and McCain's selection of Palin underscored the idea that the U.S. ought to consider abolishing the position of VP, writes Bruce Ackerman in the LAT. Take-away: "John McCain's surprising choice should lead us to think again."