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Guide to faking it: a must-read list of articles that will wow your friends, impress your co-workers and make you sound smart.

Marine life is going belly up at an increasingly alarming rate in the world's oceans thanks to lack of oxygen in coastal waters. There were 49 of these "dead zones" in the '60s -- now there are 405. The prognosis ain't pretty, according to this new study.  

The U.S. dollar is regaining value but commodities are taking a significant hit. The price of gold and silver only has declined 24 and 40 percent, respectively, since mid-March.

If you commit the crime you may not have to do the time. Forensic science as we know it is badly in need of reform. Here's why.

Nineteenth century watercolors of lavish home interiors on display at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in New York appeal not only to our voyeuristic tendencies but also reveal that "shelter porn" is not a 20th century indulgence.

The TSA has compiled a records on airline passengers who didn't bring IDs to security check points. Thousands of lucky passengers will now be added to a list of people who exhibited suspicious behavior and those who violated security laws. 

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