Weezy Pens Green Bay Anthem; Forces Pitchfork to Report on Sports

If you are at all familiar with hip-hop artist Lil Wayne then you know when he isn’t in the studio making beats or rolling blunts, Weezy is checking ESPN for any and all updates. He is a sports fiend from New Orleans whose NFL loyalty somehow landed on the side of the Green Bay Packers.

With Super Bowl XLV looming Sunday, Lil Wayne, whose recent interview with Rolling Stone chronicled his time as a resident on New York’s Rikers Island, decided to throw a freestyle verse down in support of his Packers. Only problem is that Weezy’s rap is laid over Pittsburgh based hip-hop artist Wiz Khalifa’s ode to the Steelers called “Black and Yellow.”

As Pitchfork reported earlier today, Weezy answered the call with his own version of Wiz’s track aptly titled “Green and Yellow” praising his adopted Green Bay team. The indie website that rarely acknowledges the exsistance of sports has links to download and listen to Weezy's jam.

Now I’m not one to say whether or not Wiz Khalifa’s original track will get eclipsed by Weezy’s, but if I was putting money on Sunday’s game, I’d have to side with Lil Wayne. The only way we can all win this Sunday is if the two rappers decide to battle it out on the microphone. In fact, if Fox has any sense they boot Black Eyed Peas and insert these guys into the halftime show.

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